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Become A Brand Rep Or Affiliate Partner

Do you have a large audience of people following you but can't figure out how to get paid for it? Then let us help!

Instead of having to go through the hassle of starting your own business with suppliers, accounts, lawyers, salespeople, etc. let us handle the logistics and pay you for bringing in sales.

How Does It Work?

If you have a large following we'll set you up with an affiliate link so every time someone from your audience uses that link you will get 40% off every purchase. Additionally to this, we also offer all of our brand reps a $10 signup bonus. 

Have A Personal Brand?

For those who have an audience built around pictures or videos of themselves, we offer a few more exciting options. Not only do we offer a 40% commission fee we also send you our best selling products for FREE! All we ask is for you to make 3-5 pictures of yourself using the product and one 25 seconds to 1-minute video of yourself using the product.

Content Criteria:

  • Bright setting
  • Professionally taken video/picture
  • The product must be the main focus of the video
  • Exaggerated before and after clips
  • Have fun! We want you to bring out your inner actor and make the video/picture fun and engaging 

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