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Teeth Sensitivity? Cases, Treatment & Prevention

Know what hurts more than a heartbreak? Teeth sensitivity. 

Teeth sensitivity is just like a bad breakup, it a pain that seems like it’ll last forever.

Lets picture two scenarios that you’ll probably find it relatable.  

A day in the scorching summer and you’re feeling thirsty. Then out of the thin air, a godsent man/woman gives you a chilled drink to calm your senses. As you start to drink you begin to roll up your eyes out of blissful satisfaction. Then as soon as you begin to drink feel a sharp flash of pain in your teeth!

That’s teeth sensitivity! 

An even worse scenario - You’ve been on a three-week diet and it’s finally cheat day and your favorite dessert is calling your name. After your first bite, there’s a twinge or shock-like pain in your teeth after just the first bite? 

Well, that is also teeth sensitivity. 

When your ‘yums’ becomes ‘ows’, then you have teeth sensitivity. 

There is no second thought that teeth sensitivity is your worst enemy that hits you harder, especially when you take your teeth for granted. They woke up all your senses that you don't even know existed in your body. 

What is teeth sensitivity?

Many people feel sharp, sudden, and shooting pain in a tooth or teeth while eating or drinking hot, sweet, cold, or acidic foods. This is primarily due to worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. This is called teeth sensitivity. 

In simple words, some of your teeth or tooth have feelings, and when you eat or drink something that you love, but your teeth don’t, your teeth shout aloud and hurt you. 


There are many causes when your teeth become as sensitive as shame plant. For example: 

  1. Brushing teeth with much force or with a hard bristle toothbrush
  2. Tooth Grinding
  3. Dental treatments and cleanings
  4. Teeth whitening treatment
  5. Gum disease 


We all have different types of teeth set, having different emotions. Some are happy; some are depressed, some are dead, crazy, sleepy, surprised and so on. The teeth with the sensitivity issue are depressed and sad. When you don’t treat them correctly, they can even die. 

The treatment of teeth sensitivity varies from person to person. It is not something one size fits all. After diagnosing the main reason for the sensitivity, your dentist starts the treatment. Some of the common treatments for teeth sensitivity include -

  • Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Using sealants
  • Fluoride gel
  • Using mouthguard to protect your grinding teeth
  • Desensitizing pastes you get from your dentist (not to be used with a toothbrush). 
  • Fillings to cover exposed tooth

If your teeth sensitivity moves to the next level, then your dentist may suggest a root canal. 


Prevention is better than cure! This old saying fits here as well. So how to prevent teeth sensitivity to take the hell out of you? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Use sensitivity toothpaste
  • Use high-quality teeth whitening products like Bunny Care’s whitening pen
  • Floss and brush your teeth twice a day
  • Clean all parts of your mouth, including the area between the gum line and teeth. 
  • Avoid any type of acidic foods and beverages. 

Wrapping the post

Your teeth need love and care. If you ignore them, they will tell you soon what you have missed. If you want to eat, drink anything without hurting your teeth, make sure to use quality dental products, including toothpaste, toothbrush, teeth whitening product, etc. 

At Bunny Care, we care for your teeth, and thus all our products are designed to give you the best results without causing teeth sensitivity. So, what are you waiting for? Use our products and bid adieu to cruel sensitivity of the teeth.