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6 Reasons To Smile More

Do you think that smiling is useless? Even when you feel sad if you smile you can make your mind believe that you are better than you really are and therefore, your emotional health will be improved.

A person who smiles more will be more attractive to the people around them. If you are a person who often scowls, the time has come for that to change forever ... your smile will change your life! Do not miss these 6 reasons why you should smile more in life.

1. You will be more attractive 

It is natural that people who smile seem more attractive to us. This is because the smile makes us feel good. The drier expressions annoy us and take us away. If you start to smile more often, you will notice how people will approach you more almost magically.

2. You will reduce anxiety levels

You do not need hours and hours of meditation to relieve stress or anxiety when you are able to smile. Even if you do not feel like smiling because you've had a bad day, if you do, you'll feel much better.

3. Promote good humor

Did you know that those who really smile are more humored than those who do not "from the heart"? A study by the University Of Michigan (USA) evaluated the performance and mood of employees who gave smiles to the customers and found that they have a good ability to handle customers and other employees.

4. You will feel younger

Not only smiling make you more attractive, but it also makes you look younger.  The muscles that we use to smile also raise the face, making a person look younger. So, instead of opting for a facelift, just try to smile during the day you'll look younger and you'll feel better.

5. The smile makes you look Confident

If you will smile you will give an impression to others that you have confidence in yourself, and you are a person more likely to tackle new challenges successfully. Whenever you have business meetings or a job interview, put a smile on your face! The people next to you will react better than if you go with a serious face.

6. Your blood pressure will be balanced

When you smile the blood pressure is balanced. If you are a person with hypertension, smiling more is a natural way to regulate blood pressure. If you have a blood pressure monitor at home, try to smile for a couple of hours and then take your blood pressure, you will see the difference.