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Teeth Sensitivity? Cases, Treatment & Prevention

Know what hurts more than a heartbreak? Teeth sensitivity.  Teeth sensitivity is just like a bad breakup, it a pain that seems like it’ll last forever. Lets picture two scenarios that you’ll probably find it relatable.   A day in the scorching summer and you’re feeling thirsty. Then out of the thin air, a godsent man/woman gives you a chilled drink to calm your senses. As you start to drink you begin to roll up your eyes out of blissful satisfaction. Then as soon as you begin to drink feel a sharp flash of pain in your teeth! That’s teeth sensitivity!  An even worse scenario - You’ve been on a three-week diet and it’s finally cheat day and your favorite dessert...

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Our 1 Million Mission

Your smile is one of the biggest benefits that everyone has. Sadly, not very few people receive regular compliments for it!  Well, there are two reasons you are not receiving compliments for your smile - first, the other person doesn’t like you and the second is you have pale, yellow teeth no one wants to see.  Regardless of the reason, both are severe! Undoubtedly, making someone smile is fun, but not as easy as it seems. Some people don’t smile because they don’t want to and some don’t smile because of those golden pearls they have inside their mouth.  It’s fine if you don’t smile if you don’t want to, but if you are not smiling because of yellow, pale...

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Foods You Didn't Know Were Bad For Your Teeth

Me: I really like your smile The girl I’ve had a crush on since the third grade: Aww! Really! *shining eyes with a broad smile* Me: Yellow is my favorite color! Another person: *Immediately stop smiling* Yellow is one of the favorite colors of many people. Yellow dress, footwear, trees, banana, handbags, teeth…  Wait! What? Teeth?  When it comes to pale, yellow teeth, Yellow is a dirty fellow! Many people even don’t know the reason for their golden teeth.  Luckily, these pale teeth are not god gifted. It means your deviled egg look is a result of many foods you eat. To avoid embarrassment and to smile confidently like you won a lottery, you need to give up a few...

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Everyone wants a bright, white smile. Yellowed and missing teeth are closely associated with poor health, whether it be the result of a bad diet, bad personal hygiene or smoking, which is why a nice smile is one of the first things that men and women look for in a potential partner. The vast majority of people are turned off by bad teeth because of an innate, primal reaction that tells them that a person is unhealthy or has poor personal hygiene. This isn’t always the case as there are many factors at play here, some of which cannot be helped, but it’s fair to say that white teeth are an outward reflection of inner health and can seriously improve first impressions....

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We get it! White teeth are so important, and cosmetic dental treatments are more popular than ever. Not only have advancements in the field made it easier to fix dental issues, but those fixes are cheaper than they have ever been.  When it comes to having a set of pearly whites there are two main options at your disposal: veneers or teeth whitening. The question is, which is the better option in terms of cost, safety, and effectiveness? WHAT ARE VENEERS? Veneers, or porcelain veneers, are tooth-shaped porcelain caps that are placed over the tooth. Unlike crowns, which are used in place of the tooth, veneers are attached to the existing tooth, which is ground down in preparation for the...

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