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Mishka Sliva

About Me:

I'm Mishka Silva and I’m super friendly and easy-going. I love trying new things and meeting new people. I also enjoy singing and drawing as hobbies!

What has Bunny Care done for you personally?

Bunny Care has actually worked on whitening my teeth as I do love to use it!

What is your Bunny Care routine?

My Bunny Care routine is I brush my teeth, I apply the gel to my teeth and I wait a minute until I rinse it out and I repeat this like 2 times a week!

What was your reaction after first using Bunny Care?

My reaction after first using Bunny Care was it actually working after using it even once. I feel like it’s easier to notice small changes in yourself rather than other people so I could definitely notice it!

Would you recommend Bunny Care?

I would and have recommended bunny care to a lot of my friends at school and obviously on my Instagram!